Greg Fawcett, CEO and Founder

Mr. Fawcett has had a 25-year career in communications, marketing and business development. He has worked on campaigns, in government and in the private sector.

Mr. Fawcett has launched businesses, including Politics-360 and MobiAd Sales.

Fawcett was Vice President of Business Development for IMG Media where he was responsible for media sponsorship sales, content licensing, and content strategy. He generated more than $24M in revenue for IMG from sponsorship and service sales. During his tenure at IMG, Fawcett launched digital businesses for NBC and Sprint.

Prior to joining IMG, Fawcett was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at software developers Sequence Design and Avant!/Synopsys where he drove record sales increases for a $500MM public company, developed online software licensing and tech support solutions and published trade journals.

Fawcett helped to develop a contextual online commerce product as Vice President of Marketing and Business development for wireless internet startup iSilk, where he helped close the company’s first round of financing for $10M.

Fawcett has also worked in strategic planning for the News Corporation and in product development for New York Times Digital.

He began his career in government and politics helping to elect New York’s first African-American mayor and running City Hall operations as Deputy Chief of Staff to the mayor.

Fawcett’s first campaign was Carol Bellamy’s NY city council race.  He worked on Tom Bradley’s campaign for governor of California and the presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama.